Become an Apprentice
In the Local 29 four-year apprenticeship program, you'll learn through supervised on-the-job work and technical classroom instruction. Training includes structural, ornamental, and reinforcing ironwork, welding, and rigging. In the classroom and shop, you'll learn blueprint reading, mathematics, care and safe use of tools, safety procedures, welding and oxyacetylene flame cutting.
Apprenticeship Opportunities

Big Jobs

Paid to Learn a Trade

As an Ironworker Local 29 apprentice, you’ll receive extensive training while making a great wage. Apprentices start at $29 an hour plus benefits and build to over $46 an hour at journeyman wage. Prior experience is credited and may reduce your training time.

    Big Wages


    • Apprentices start at 60% of journeyman wage, $29 an hour plus benefits.
    • Your wage increases by 5% as you complete apprenticeship levels, typically every six months.
    • Your benefits are paid by employer contributions, not wage deductions.
    • Work hours are credited toward medical, dental, and vision insurance for yourself and your family.

      Big Iron

      Our Work

      Ironworkers build bridges, schools, hospitals, and green energy facilities.

      You'll work on projects throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

      Build your career and your community with Ironworkers Local 29.

      Visit Union Hall to Apply

      Union Hall
      11620 NE Ainsworth Cir STE 200,
      Portland, OR 97220
      Ironworkers Local 29
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