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Big Iron
Make up to $47 an Hour + Benefits
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Big Wages


Earn While You Train! You'll make over $29 an hour plus benefits as an apprentice and over $47 an hour plus benefits as a journeyman.

Big Jobs

Huge Demand

Trade in your job for a career. Ironworkers Local 29 needs skilled workers immediately and for projects slated for the next decade.

Our Work

Building Community

You'll be building bridges, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and green energy facilities throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Apprenticeships are Open

Ironworkers Local 29 Union needs you to help build the Pacific Northwest. We have an ongoing need for skilled workers and new apprentices and thousands of jobs to fill over the next decade. Start your path toward becoming a journeyman ironworker today and earn great wages while you learn.

Big Jobs

Rewarding Careers Start with Apprenticeships

Earn while you learn. Apprentices learn a skilled trade through supervised on-the-job work and technical classroom instruction. You'll be part of the workforce that contractors and co-workers rely on. You'll earn a nationally-recognized journey card upon program completion. Plus, you'll be part of a union that provides community, solidarity and support.

    Big Jobs

    Huge Demand

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    Big Iron

    Our Work

    Ironworkers build bridges,schools, hospitals, and green energy facilities.

    Union 29 has projects throughout
    Oregon and SW Washington.

    Build a career and build your community.

    Visit Union Hall to Apply

    Union Hall
    11620 NE Ainsworth Cir STE 200,
    Portland, OR 97220
    Ironworkers Local 29
    503-774-0777 |

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